Monday, 13 January 2014

Songs of the Week!

Songs of the Week is back and we have been asking the Facebook following what songs have caught their attention this week. Old or new, and regardless of genre we want to know what you're listening too and we will share it with the masses. 

So headphones in, volume up and have a listen to anything on this list which you haven't heard before. If you have a particular track you have been enjoying recently, then comment either on here or on our Facebook.

Pantera - Walk
Adequately named Pantera album, Vulgar Display of Power featured a riff which many would consider riff of the century. It was off the song Walk . It has been covered by many bands including Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Seether, Operator and Disturbed to name a few. The message behind the song was described by frontman Phil Anselmo as "Take your fucking attitude and take a fuckin' walk with that. Keep that shit away from me". Either way, there's no denying the songs presence in the metal hall of fame. The song most requested by our Facebookers this week.

Kinetik - Acres of Space
Recently receiving our highest rating for an album for their new full length Heavier Elements album (9.7), Technical Groove Metallers Kinetik are mindbogglingly good. The album is "A sublime mixture of brutish riffs and vast-open sounds woven together by some very technical and proficient playing providing both complexity and excellence in abundance" as stated on our review. This track inparticular starts with a killer bass riff and oozes groove and style.    

The Beatles - Something
What's your favorite Beatles song? Thats perhaps a discussion for another day, but comments are always welcome. The Beatles attempted to buy a Greek Island called Euboea which was coincidentally in the shape of a guitar. Lennon had wanted escape from screaming fans so discussed the idea with the rest of the band. They never did it though, as they broke up before a deal could be done. Anyway, this song of the week came from Mani Shankar Singh from our Facebook. The song is from the 1969 album Abbey Road.

Andy James - Second Wave
Fresh out of melodic heavy metal band Sacred Mother Tongue, Andy James is setting up his very own unique guitar academy. He has released a set of solo tracks which are brilliant. His rhythm riffing and his emotive solo lead parts are exquisite. The track below is my favorite of the lot. It isn't just a shred fest, but a well composed, emotive track. He also featured on as one of MMAR's guitarists to look out for in 2014.

Richard Cheese - Last Resort (Papa Roach Cover)
Random song to finish off on, but if you have ever heard of Richard Cheese then you know what to expect when he covers alternative songs with piano. If you haven't heard of him then check this video out off his 2000 album Lounge Against the Machine.

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