Thursday, 2 January 2014

Guitarists to look out for in 2014!

So 2013 is behind us and we can yet again reflect and the vast array of heavy metal, acoustic jazz blues guitarists that flutter the music world.

This is a list of guitarists that are either still makes waves from 2013, or that are releasing or touring in 2014. Have a good read, and comment below your constructive thoughts! 

Keith Merrow / Jeff Loomis: What happens when 2 monstrous super shredders come together and create an album with bigger consequences than Anakin Skywalker becoming a jedi? They form a band called Conquering Dystopia and tour America. The album is in the final stages of production and their first gig is on the 25th January at the Schecter Guitar NAMM party in California. This was a self funded album, so credit to the fans for making this happen, but guitarists and music fans are in anticipation for whats to come. The video is a clip from just a jam session with both of them, this is a sample of things to come from their album.

Andy James - Recently departed from Sacred Mother Tongue after releasing a cracking album, monster of the fretboard Andy James is setting up an online interactive guitar academy this year where he is teaching everything from beginner to advanced lessons suited to each individual. There are free lessons, interviews, skype calls and chances to meet him in person. As a solo artist, he also has "Several exciting new album releases and live tours also scheduled for 2014". A genuine down to earth musician, as well his hellish music skills. This video is one off his guitar academy.

Eric Calderone - With his unique blend of metal riffage with family favorite tv shows, movies and games such as Dr Who, Indiana Jones and Skyrim, he has gained an extraordinary following and sponsors. He releases a new video on youtube every week or 2 and they are consistently baffling. Always interesting to see what he does next next and never a disappointment. 

John Gomm - The sensational unique raw talent of Jon Gomm went viral in 2012 after the single "Passionflower" was discovered by critics and celebrities. His sound consists of, acoustic guitar both rhythm and lead, singing and using the guitar as a drum all at the same time. In some songs, he even uses the tuning nuts to create a unique sound. His new album, released November 2013 is his "Best work yet". His tour dates in 2014 are worth keeping an eye on, as seeing him live would be mind-blowing. The video below is the opener off his new album.

Eric Johnson: Instrumental rock solo guitarist Eric Johnson will be touring America in March with his Experience Hendrix Tour. Releasing "Up Close; Another Look" last year he continues to expand his artistry with compelling and enriching results. Keep an eye on his tour dates ext year and see if you can experience the uniqueness.

Andy McKee - Acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Andy McKee is releasing "The most creative and interesting thing hes done" with new EP at the end of January including a piano piece. McKee also hope to tour across the world hitting America, Europe, South America, India and Australasia. He is hoping to do more instructional videos next year to help us all out! Check out this video he released on New Years Day updating his happenings in 2014

Becky Langan - The young, talented solo acoustic artist Becky Langan has been building her fan base since 2010, playing intimate gigs at quaint venues in the UK. Hoping to release more singles over 2014 with a view to an album written by 2015. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up to date with these releases.

So there's you're lot! A great bunch of guitarists/musicians hoping to inspire and entertain us next year. If you know of any more that you want to mention, that's what the comment section is for!

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