Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fallen Fate - Into The Black

Release Date: 30th January 2014
Genre: Melodic modern death metal.
Record Label: Unsigned
Number of Tracks: 10
Sounds Like: As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Insomnium.

Overall Rating: 7.2/10

British metal has developed since the 80's thrash metal that changed the genre forever. Epitomising this evolution is Fallen Fate, who are releasing their brand new album on January 30th, titled Into the Black. 

Combining thrash, death metal and hardcore punk in a mix of dark melodic riffs and punishing aggression, Fallen Fate have created an interesting and engaging concept album with a story familiar to that of the new wave of demonic horror movies such as The Devil Inside and The Possession. This album is different to their 2011 release The Virus has Spread, in that it is a lot darker vocally and musically, but they have kept the melodic heaviness and speed which has seen them on the Bloodstock and Download stage.

The highlight and standout of this 10 track album, is the theme. It is a story about Vespa who is possessed by a demonic presence which takes over, killing her and her family. Vocalist and guitarist Lee Skinner, explains the concept of the album, "The drive behind the concept is to empower the listener to decide whether she was possessed by the devil, as she has no saviour in her life, or if she was possessed by God, punishing her for her lack of faith". As a listener, it clawed me into the music making an interesting and stand out album. However, such a heavy theme could distract the listener from the music, as it is easy to get lost in trying to decipher or understand the theme making it difficult to enjoy the music, almost like reading The Da Vinci code.

The album musically is monotonous. It is hard to believe that there are 10 tracks on this album as they all seem to cleverly merge into one. There are no distinctive breaks except for track 9, The Demise which would be considered more of an interlude or intro to the longer final track. The vocals are continuously screamed, which to be honest are done and recorded to a high standard but they very rarely offer a melody and are largely toneless. The only differing vocal tones come as backing vocals in tack 3 Until the Final Hour and track 6 I welcome the Dead which add to the spine tingling eerie atmosphere.

A side from the vocals, the album is musically good. The riffs are somewhat complex,  reminiscent of Ember to Inferno, the riff in track 7 Rituals is a key highlight. These riffs mix almost too well with the solos which are engaging and emotive and offers the listener time to think about the concept. Another highlight being the 2 part guitar duel on Until the Final Hour. The gothic tones and occasional church atmosphere add to the theme and are suitable for the tracks they are in. 

Into the Black is a heavy going hard to listen to album. It is dark, and although the idea behind the theme is fresh, the album struggles to narrate the story behind it. There is no explosive moment, the concept is really the only engaging aspect of the album and although the music is good, there is nothing engrossing about it.

The album is officially released on January 30th and can be pre-ordered here. Follow them on FaceBookYouTube and Twitter


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