Friday, 12 July 2013

Stone Kings - Reset

Released: Mid July
Genre: Hard Rock, Thrash Rock, Grunge Rock, Blues Rock
Label: Reblessed Records
Number of Tracks: 6

Overall Rating: 7/10

Hard working Kent rockers Stone Kings begin work on following up their self titled album with their latest EP, Reset. Described by Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron Thal as 'Gritty, ballsy, Rock n' Roll' it is easy to see why they have had a boom in stature since 2011 nearing 2 million plays on MySpace. 

Their first album Stone Kings was met with appraisal from some big names in rock, from Ron Thal to Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson and several other big magazines highly recommending the album. It is heavily influenced by Alice in Chains, SoundGarden and even Hellyeah as is their new EP.  Described as the saviors of rock music,  this band are definitely worth checking out if you like any form of rock.

Reset is the first track on this new EP and is a ballsy onslaught of heavy headbanging riffs with a kickass bluesy solo which really fits the song. My favorite song is the second track 'The Truth Inside', and has all the key elements of a grunge rock song. A spine tingling riff certainly gets you off your feet, wanting it to continue. Grunge is definitely a theme throughout and the heavy riffs and great solos continue, especially on the track 'Beneath my Skin'. I particularly like the memorable chorus to this song, which i can imagine singing along to at a live gig. The slower 5th track 'Heir of the Dog' offers a brief break from the heavy grunge but is still welcome on this album. I would like to hear faster heavier stuff from these guys as i think that would really get more of a fuck yeah headbang put it on repeat feeling.

Overall, it is quite clear why this band have been so highly recommended, and is evidently 'gritty and ballsy'. They really love their music and write some really great songs which you should check out. Go do it, go buy their EP now! The full album will be out September 10th 2013 via their website

Currently touring the UK, hitting some festivals and even some free gigs along the way, check out their impressive website for more information. 

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