Monday, 29 July 2013

Listen For The Light - Common Ground EP

Released: 8th July 2013
Genre: Melodic Metalcore, Screamo
Label: Unsigned
Number of tracks: 6
Sounds like: Miss May I, Asking Alexandria

Overall Rating: 7/10

There's something deeply satisfying about stumbling upon a killer new band that you just know are only just getting started. Listen for the Light's mind bending first record is an amalgamation of influences and styles. They have smashed walls that exist between a truly brutal sound and a softer, emotional sound and have dug away at the bands individual music perspective, producing an explosive and promising first melodic metalcore record. 

It is clear throughout the record that the 6 piece metallers have worked had to compile a record with sheer grit and determination, especially because of the individual craft each member brings to the table. The first song, titled Eyes Like Mirrors starts us off with a clean vocal warm up, but sharply increases tempo and powerful vocals introducing us to the rest of the record. Put your media player on repeat for the second track, you will want to listen to the riffs, breakdowns and the passionate vocal melodies over and over again. 4th track Perspective is aggressive, but has a calming beat down/bridge before a fast tempoed outro. The Lucifer Effect is track 5 and features the stand out vocals of Spencer and JD of Boston metallers Ice Nine Kills. It is not often that you hear a melodic metalcore band with such varied vocals, that actually mix it well and have an appealing sound. These guys have found the formula on their first album and I really hope they can utilise clean vocalist Justin Hyde on future records.

Overall, Listen for the Light's first effort contains all the fast tempoed melodic riffs, aggressive beat downs and seriously passionate vocals needed to succeed in this genre. Listen for the Light seem to have all the elements for a top metalcore band, and this mouth watering EP is only a sample of things to come. Keep an eye on these guys, they will get bigger and better!

They head back into the studio on August 19th to record their next single, which will feature a special guest, keep an eye out on Facebook or Twitter for whom it might be. In the meantime,  you should check these out. You will not regret it.

Twitter: @ListenFoDaLight

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