Friday, 28 June 2013

Sacred Mother Tongue - Out of the Darkness

Released: 15th April 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal
Label: EMI - Transcend Music
Number of tracks: 10

Overall Rating: 9/10

Blasting out of the UK is British metal band Sacred Mother Tongue (SMT) who have come a long way since their 2009 debut album 'The Ruin of Man' with several appearances at Download Festival, Sonisphere and touring with some big name bands.  Metal Hammer Magazine called them 'The most convincing young British Metal band to emerge in a long time' Their new album 'Out of The Darkness'  is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your head banging. If you are a lover of metal or rock then don't let this album slip under the radar because one listen to their blistering riffs and it will become one of your favorite albums of 2013. 

The big difference between SMT and other generic melodic metalcore bands out there is the 6 string monster coming all the way from hell and ready to rule Earth, incarnated under the human name of Andy James. Andy James is a diabolic asset and is a virtuosic hyper-skilled guitarist that help to lift the band to another level. Andy James also breathes out some straight ultra-efficient and sharp riffs , like on track 3, 'Seven'  and his lava like riffs on 'Demons', 'Just a Ride' and 'Bleeding Out' are ready to erupt. Some would consider Mr James to be in the same league as Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Chris Broderick or Paul Wardingham and that group of contemporary super shredders will be lucky to be amongst Andy James. All i can say is listen for yourself, you will soon agree.

This album is an onslaught of metal riffage backed up by the improved vocal melodies of Darrin South. There is a serious shortage of truly phenomenal rock singers and he proves they still exist. His vocals are an exceptional cap on the already dynamic music. Track 6 'A Light Will Shine' is clear evidence that his vocals are some of the best in Britain. 

Lyrically, the tracks are excellent and whilst being interviewed by Noisecreep about the single 'Pawn', Darrin South warned, 'The aggressive parts are a direct attack on the ignorant among us, who look for no answers, and swallow whatever is fed to them. These people will always be played as pawns. The song later expands into a far more euphoric chorus, it speaks of the longing, desperate cries of the 'little man' who is trying to be a better person, trying not to be caught up in the propaganda and fear mongering, trying to find his own peace in the world'

With such a solid second record, the future for SMT is bright. There are so many mediocre British metal bands out there, i hope they can listen to SMT and be inspired to what British metal is all about. This really is a phenomenal album, and should be a springboard for other British metal. If you like metal or rock and you haven't got this album, then go out and buy it. 

Be sure to check out Andy James' solo albums, In particular Andy James - 2011. For any Guitarist you must check out Andy James metal shred on Lick Library for tutorials.

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