Monday, 11 November 2013

Drawn Awake - Reflection EP

Released: 24th January 2013
Genre: Melodic, Death metal
Sounds Like: Amon Amarth, Carcass, As I Lay Dying. 
Label: Unsigned
Number of Tracks: 4

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

'Drawn Awake' are a 4 piece melodic death metal band from Finland. Soon after their first EP release in 2012, they got to work on a new album for 2013 entitled 'Reflection EP' and features 4 high tempo songs with excellent melodic fast harmonised riffing, heavy double bass and screamed death metal vocals.

The death metal vocals aren't overpowering as it is heavily formulated around the guitar and instrumental parts, rightly so as the guitars are, in some parts , technically excellent.  

Highlights of the album include track 1 'Game In Reflection' which has a groovy blood pumping verse riff and a catchy chorus. Track 2 doesn't stand out for me and even though there are flashes of nice riffing, the lower tempo of the chorus seems to unnecessarily elongate the song. 

Track 3 'Reflection' is a fantastical music piece starting off with a soft piano riff which diverses the album away from high tempo screaming and is a nice addition. Track 4 'Identity' is a nice way to finish the album and some really tight technical guitar work similar to technical death metal band 'Neuraxis' and is a highlight and a great way to end an album as it leaves us intrigued and gives us a taste of the potential. 

The album starts to feel monotonous towards the end, as a lot of the songs sound the same. However, they do have a solid set of melodic death metal songs with which they are ready to explode on the metal circuit as Amon Amarth did in 1998. Currently hoping to play 30+ gigs around FInland and Estonia before recording a 3rd EP in April next year. 

Here is their Soundcloud of the full EP, and follow them on Drawn Awake for details of more shows and to buy their EP.

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