Sunday, 10 November 2013

David Locke, Sick Puppies, ZZ Top and Protest the Hero in Songs of the week!

Have you had a song in your head all week, Tapping along to the drums, air guitaring the riff (or real guitar) or singing along to the lyrics. Let us know here, we are interested in what you guys listen to! All songs welcome, big or small and of all genres, lets share some fucking music. Post in the comments, or on our Facebook!

This week has featured the announcement of a new Within Temptation album due in February, the announcement of Compressorhead a band involving purely robots built in Germany gigging in New York and a fantastic new progressive metal album from Protest The Hero. But here are a list of our favorite songs that have gotten us through the week.

Starting us off is a fantastic instrumental progressive ballad from David Locke. His first album 'Riding Out Youth' is well written and well produced. It is never in your face and is easily accessible yet progressive. A guitar style similar to Joe Satriani with considerable talent and great musical understanding.  

Sick Puppies are an Australian alternative hard rock, band with 4 full length albums. The latest of which was released in July of this year. When track 4 came on shuffle I couldn't get enough of the riff leading up to the aggressive solo and the intriguing lyrics made me stick it on repeat for a few days. These are a band that are under appreciated outside of their home soil, give them a listen!

Released October 29th, Protest The Hero's new album 'Violation'. Consisting of technical thrash and power metal, their new album certainly is a wild ride thats filled with excellent musicianship and innovative songwriting. The hilarious video to track 9 'Underbite' circulated this week and the lyrics are mainly about the state of metal at the moment. 'It's bullshit. Be honest, this can't be what you wanted/ if what you write about means anything to you. Rather than pure vanity, people might connect with sincerity.' 

You must have something you have thoroughly enjoyed this week! Tell us in the comments below!

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