Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sinheresy - Paint The World

Released: September 30th 2013
Genre: Gothic, Power Progressive Metal
Number of Tracks: 10
Record Label: BakerTeam Records
Sounds Like: Nightwish, Symphony X, Sirenia

Overall Rating: 8/10

Super talented female fronted band Sinheresy, have developed their own unique style of metal by mixing their influences from progressive metal bands such as Nightwish and Symphony X with the dark sound of Siriena and Within Temptation. Their first EP 'The Spiders and the Butterfly' received a positive reaction from fans and critics and they are now back with their first full length album 'Paint The World'

Their fresh new sound make Sinheresy standout with vocalists Cecilia Petrini and Stephen Sain often orchestrating vocal duels and melodies superbly, unlike anything we've heard before. Musically, they are very tight and they blend fast paced power riffs, with a typical symphonic rhythmic keyboard sound, expertly. They know when to slow it down at the right times, and tracks like 'Roses & Thorns' fits in well amongst the high tempo brilliance that surrounds it. This sound starts us off with first track 'Last Fall'. After the short cinematic intro, the pounding fast riff and drumming excellence from Alex Vescovi carries us through the diverse vocal duets faster than a bullet leaving a gun. This is an emphatic way to announce yourselves on the underground power prog scene.
You get the feeling that the band know exactly what they are doing musically and are technically excellent. Their songwriting knowledge throughout the multi-talented group is vast, and the album has a feel good factor about it. However, it could have been produced better as it is hard to hear the vocals in most parts, and the instrumentals overpower the vocals.

'The Gambler' and 'Made for Sin' is another example of fast paced pounding riffage, and the vocal harmonies continue to work well. Title track 'Paint The World' is slower in tempo but is probably the catchiest song on the album, and is vocally excellent for Ms Petrini. The album slows down towards the end, but by no means does it weaken. Highlights include the solo to track 9 'Elua's Gift' 

For fans of symphonic metal this album will not disappoint and is a fantastic starting point for Sinheresy, and joining at the front of the pack of female fronted power prog bands which are in short supply; we will be seeing a lot more from Sinheresy in the future. 

Planning on "Painting the world with our music" over 2014, which hopefully means some gigs in the UK and across europe! Keep your eyes on these, I can't wait to hear more from these guys!

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