Thursday, 10 October 2013

Moscow - The Hell Fire EP

Released: Friday 4th October
Genre: Post Punk, Industrial, Grunge.
Record Label: Clandestine Records
Number of Tracks: 5

Sounds like: Joy Division, The Damned, Hints of Nine Inch Nails.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Hot off the press is Moscow’s first EP, full of punk class, industrial guitar tones, and raspy doom vocals. Moscow have raided small Midland venues, performing energetic gigs full of intensity. Songs off their first effort 'The Hell Fire EP'  have already featured on local BBC radio frequencies and the underground scene of Stoke, which were once home to Slash, are now home to a fresh, fast paced, energetic post punk band - Moscow.

The album starts as it means to go on and we are introduced to an invasive guitar riff, and thumping drum beat on the title track 'Down (Hell Fire)'. The song comes alive in in an excited chorus, in particular the vocal skill of Nic Andrews, whose aggressive deep, groovy tone adds the freshness and mixed with rhythmic skills of drummer Mark Powell and bassist Tom Bath all get you complete a solid heavy track.

Track 2 'The Night', is similar in structure in that it builds up to a ragged chorus. A highlight of this album is how this song is set up perfectly for a live show, as it peaks and troughs in all the right places, eventually erupting like hot lava forcing you to dance uncontrollably. The outro is as powerful as a volcano about to destroy a city and is as chaotic as trying to escape from one. 

'Don't look back' is more subtle, starting off with a simple guitar lick, but is carried forward with a smooth bass line. Backing vocals from guitarist Matt Hicks during the breakdown add something different. This song sounds a bit like a noughties punk band, until Andrews puts his heart and soul into the last line keeping the aggressive grunge tone to it.

‘Lizard Lords’ is a stand out track because of its structural genius. Catchy lyrics, dissonant guitar tones, pounding drum line and jazzy bass line make it the complete package and the perfect way to end a promising first EP getting you ready for more.

I recently had the chance to see these live at a quaint pub in Stoke, and the energy was electrifying. They played 7 songs, including 2 new ones off their second EP and the entire The Hell Fire EP. It is impossible to not have a good time, always guaranteed a cracking gig. The energy of this band is flowing throughout the entire EP and live shows, the band genuinely love their music and their passion is amok on stage. They are loud, unruly and front man Nic Andrews is unstoppable, fearless and unique. Everything you could want from a front-man. All they want you to do is dance, and they have all the songs and energy to make a sloth dance.

If you're a lover of live music, then keep your eyes on Moscow. They are planning a new EP for early 2014, and are always gigging around the Stoke, Manchester and Sheffield  'Like' their Facebook page below to keep up to date.

Moscow's EP is available to buy through their Bandcamp page
Photos courtesy of Chris Hollingworth Photography

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