Friday, 18 April 2014

Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal

Release Date: 1st April 2014
Genre: Thrash, melodic metal. Comedy metal
Record Label: Artery Records
Number of Tracks: 18 (46 Mins playing time)

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Wow. This album really beats you up. From brutal rhythm, death metal vocals, ear splitting solos and an the hilarious inclusion of an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator, this album has all the potential to be excellent. It is a release of pure testosterone and stupidity.

Lets put front man Tim Lambesis's current legal situation aside and talk about the music. ADM is a side project from the former As I Lay Dying vocalist and is a parody of the Arnold Schwarzenegger films, and as such features Destroy the Runner vocalist Chad Ackerman  doing the Ahhnold voices, as well as many special guests including John Boecklin from DevilDriver, Dave Nassie of Bleeding Through, Jammey Jasta from Hatebreed and Chris Storey from All Shall Perish

ADM shares musical similarities with As I Lay Dying, which is no surprise seen as Tim Lambesis wrote and recorded guitars, drums bass and vocals. All the songs are in your face, and each one of them features a guitar solo. As a fan of shred, this is excellent and it is easy to air guitar along to the solos and chuggy riffs.

All in all, the disc is speedy modern metal, full of precision mechanical percussion and melodic death-style vocals. The songs have an undeniable energy, though it isn’t quite enough to offset a consistent lack of hooks. The second album humorously acknowledges the fact that some of his songs sound similar to others, and you do feel that this happens more so here.

Favorite tracks include: track 3 Chill Out Dickwad and track 6 I Hope You Made Room For My Fist.

Overall, this is a really good album. Full of energy, whit and musical prowess. The album lacks diversity, however it shouldn't stop you from enjoying a lively, modern thrash metal album. 

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  1. Chad Ackerman does not do the Ahhnold vocals on Triple Brutal. It is a voice actor/actor named Joe Gaudet