Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Glamour of the Kill - Savages

Release Date: 23rd September 2013
Genre: Post Hardcore
Record Label: eOne Entertainment Music
Number of Tracks: 11

Overall Rating: 3.2/10

The UK metal music scene has sadly struggled in their attempt at reaching the heights of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Led 
Zeppelin, to name a few. In recent years, we have heard disappointing stuff from Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria and Bring me the Horizon in attempts to scale the heights of their successors.

Glamour of the Kill have been touted as the one of the 'Uk's brightest young hopes', after their first release The Summoning (2011). Unfortunately, their latest album, Savages (2013), is a weak attempt and another disappointment for British metal. 

Nothing on this album manages to surpass average. The guitars show no imagination and lack of ambition. The creative minds of the guitarists have surcumb to what we know as the modern metalcore scene. They are very basic, and are reminiscent of the type of riff you are taught as a beginner guitar player. The solos are often replaced by slow chugging breakdowns, however there is one solo to note in track 3 The Only One and is really the only glimpse of creativity in the entire album. 

The vocal diversity was very good in The Summoning with deep growls, clean vocals, and higher end melodies. This highlight, has sadly abaited in this album as the vocals are weak and lack dynamic variation. They are now all clean vocals, similar to All Time Low. The lyrics are typical of a modern hardcore band track 4 Live for the weekend - 'And last night was so crazy / My head feels like its World War 3 / And no other night will be the same / We're going to do it all again'

The use of electronic synthesizers in metal is something which we should approve of. They are used in this album, however, they are clearly making up for the lack of creativity in other departments.

Overall, this album is geared to the younger metal fans and is not a good example of fine musicianship, creativity or construction and has a more pop feel to it. This album and band have a lot to do to ever scale the heights of their predecessors.

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