Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coshish - Firdous

Release Date: 2nd September 2013
Genre: Progressive, Rock.
Record Label: Universal Music
Number of Tracks: 10

Overall Rating: 7.9/10

Indian progressive fusion band Coshish, have worked incredibly hard to release such a thought provoking, ambient album which has hints of progressive melodies and classic soft rock whilst engrossing the listener to piece together the concept. 

Inspired by Tool and Nine Inch Nails, the hard working, diligent album takes you beyond the music as the music follows the story of a protagonist who embarks on a journey to reach enlightenment. The listener can piece together their own journey with the subtle clues left in the album artwork, as well as rearranging the track listing to flow with their version of the story. The album is worth understanding, just to see how much hard work has gone into this.

Musically, it perhaps lacks a little edge, perhaps lacks a defining moment. What it doesn't lack is consistency, and the construction is intricate with each bit leading into the next really well, as well as running along side the concept beautifully. At points, its classic rock and blues influences are obvious, to the point where it is really refined but not really unique. That doesn't mean to say that i've heard this before, its progressive edge, ambient atmosphere and the odd intriguing guitar melody makes it an album worth remembering, and is a good building block for anything Coshish decide to throw at us in the future. 

Track 3, Coshish is a highlight of the album, as the sole ambient intro leads us into some classic rock riffage. This is a very soft song and is definitely geared more towards the radio audience. Track 5 Woh Kho Gaye, shows some neat guitar work, as do most of the tracks whether it be from tight acoustic rhythm, blues solos and rhythm and progressive. Track 7 Maya and track 10 Mukti offers a hint of a change in pace, and adds some flavour to the album. 

Overall, it is a good album. With a few added bits of spice, this could be a great rock album. However, The concept and the mix of the variety of different styles mentioned in this review, make it an interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable album. It is really an album which you can discuss at the pub after a few pints, and any album that can make you do that, is memorable and worthy of recognition.

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